White Dogwood is a very common shrub and it looks beautiful. You can see it in big gardens or as a hedge. I think it is the prettiest dogwood species, so I will present it to you with the pleasure.

In Warsaw one of the places you can see it very often is Ursynów. I took photos of it there.

White dogwood in Latin is “Cornus alba”.

It belongs to family of Cornaceae. There are over 50 different species from this family in the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere. White Dogwood comes from Asia and Eastern Europe. In North Asia dogwoods grow in valleys of rivers.

It is good for planting in towns, because it’s resistant to air pollution just like Varsaviensis Linden. It is resistant to cold and as a concequence it still looks nice during winter. It is not vulnerable to pests and diseases.

It can only reach 2-3 meters but it can grow horizontally. It is best known from beautiful red shoots, which looks the best in winter, cotrasting to the white snow. In autumn shoots are more claret.

Leaves of white dogwood are green and ovate. Their red innervation is easy to see. White dogwood has a lot of variants and some of them have light edging leaves. They have 6-12 centemeters lenght. They change colour to red or yellow during autumn.

White dogwood blooms in V-VI. Its flowers are litte, white and they take the form of inflorenscence. They don’t draw attention like shoots or leaves.

White dogwood has white or sometimes blue friuts. They are small and rounded. They are inedible for human but birds like eatting them.

White dogwood is easy to cultivate, but if you cut its shoots, new and heathy and healthy ones will grow instead. It looks better and it has more intensive colour when it grows while exposed to the sun.


jemo · 18/11/2018 at 17:13

Have never realized how bloody red it is!
Just can’t wait to see it in the snowy white scenery.
Thx for the pics!

Sylwia · 18/11/2018 at 19:13

Brawo! Świetny blog!

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