Nadwiślanka Cherry (which means in Polish a Cherry seen along the Vistula river) is a fruit tree, which grows in Poland since 19th century. In 1925, John Krupa with students from his school planted it along the road connecting two villages in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship in Poland: Słupia Nadbrzeżna and Nowe. This tree is now registered as a regional variety in Poland.

We also name this cherry “odroślówka cherry”. At the beginning it was called “Słupianka”, “Słupiec” or “Słupska”.

After some time it has grown on the whole area from Ożarów to Lipsko (south of Mazovian Voivodeship and home town of my mom).

This tree is of medium size. It has beautiful white flowers and red or dark-red fruits – cherries.

People collect cherries manually and with tree shakers, in other words, a machine which is trailed to a tree and when it shakes, fruits fall down. When it is collected manually they are sold as whole fruits. When it is collected with a shaker, usually they are used to make juice and other preserves.

Fruits of nadwiślanka cherry are very healhy. They have ingredients that dissolve kidney stones, minimize the risk of cancer and have an anti-inflamation effect.

My grandpa has an orchard with those cherry trees and he makes compotes, tinctures and juices. I really like these cherry juices.