One of the most beautiful flowers which bloom in May are lilies of the valley. They are not just pretty, but they also have very nice smell.

Lily of the valley commes from a family of lily plants. In Polish conditions it is very popular. It grows wildly in forests, on meadows and in gardens.

This flower has big green leafs and small, hanging on top of the stem, white flowers.

A lily of the valley is a very interesting plant, because it has healing properties, but it can also be poisonous. Children often touch the red fruits of this plant and it isn’t safe.

Lilies of the valey are dangerous and you need to be careful. When you have medicine with it, you need to remeber about the exact dosage and when you hold the flowers in your hands, you need to wash them thoroughly.

Despite all these things, a lily of the valley in Europe is a symbol of happiness, purity, modesty and youth. It is a national plant of Finland.

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