I’m Julka and I’m a fresh blogger. I would like to show variety and beauty of polish plants on my blog. I wish to make foreigners interested of polish vegetation. I hope that thanks to my posts you will know more about Poland and you will be willing to come and experience it yourself.

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David PAROT · 27/11/2018 at 09:02

Thank you Julka. this is a nice idea and i wish you continue to enrich your blog with new variety of Polish plant (i’m french and my great mother was Polish 🙂

Damien · 27/11/2018 at 09:26

Hi Julka,
Thanks for your excellent blog, from which I learned quite a few very interesting things !
Good luck moving on 😉

Eleonora Ferioli · 27/11/2018 at 10:02

Hi Julka,
this blog is a wonderful idea. I’m learning a lot and I hope you’ll continue to share with us the amazing flowers and plants from Poland. I’ve never been to Poland, so this is a great opportunity for me to see more about your country.
Later today, when I’ll be back home, I’ll show your blog to my 2 kids and I hope they will be inspired by you.

Thank you,

Damien · 27/11/2018 at 13:27

Hi Julka,
Thank you for this blog from which I’ve learned quite a few very interresting things, it has been a pleasure to discover.
Gook luck moving forward on it !

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