Forsythia is a shrub, which people use as an ornament in many gardens. It arouses city gardens because even before growing leaves there grow beautiful yellow flowers. It blooms in March and in April.

In Latin it is named “Forsythia” and it belongs to a family of olive plants.

It has a lot of species. Every one of them has yellow flowers, but they are all different in lot of things. Only one o them grows in Europe naturally. It is called Forsythia europaea. This plant is under protection.

This is a plant which grows better in sunny places and in places where is a lot of space. Despite these things it is very easy to grow.

Shrubs of a forsythia are from Eastern Asia, but in Europe you can see it very often. In Poland you can find it almost everywhere.

Flowers of forsythia have four petals on each. They are whole yellow and they grow shoots from every side. They are edible, so you can add it to many dishes for example as an ornament.

Because of that forsythia is edible you can make infusions from it. They are very easy to make. Here is a website where are recipes for tea from flowers and tea from branches: . On this website you can find some healing properties, too.

Fruits of forsythia are healthy, too. You can dry them and then make a infusion from it. It is very good for drinking when someone has a fever.