Crocuses are small flowers, which start growing just after the last frosts. They’re beautifull and they awaken the world after winter. In my garden there is a lot of them and they grow wildly.

Another name of crocus is saffron. It belongs to an Iridaceae family. In Latin it is named “Crocus L.”. There is more than 80 species of these flowers.

Crocuses grow up from bulbs. Bulbs are small, rounded and they are around 8 cm under ground. Flowers and leaves grow from a bulb.

Leaves of a saffron are green and longitudinal, but there is only a few of them. They start growing better in April.

Flowers of a crocus are very small, but they are visible even when they are in big grass. Petals of a flower have many of colors among others: blue, purple, yellow, white. Usually, flowers grow in groups.

Crocuses are used not only for decorating, but also for producing perfumes, dyes, spices and medicines.

A spiece made from crocus is saffron. We use it to improve the taste of meals. It is the most expensive spiece in the world. It’s so much expensive, because to make one kilogram of saffron you need 150 000 of flowers.

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