There are many species of barberry in the world, but only one of these grows in Poland naturally. It is named common barberry. It is one of the most popular ornamental plants in Poland. It is not only beautifull, but it is healling too. That’s why it is so interesting.

The Latin name of barberry is “Berberis vulgaris” but it can be called “Mahonia aquifolium“.

Barberry is a thorny shrub. It means that it has thorns. Its thorns are very thin and prickly.

This shrub can achieve the high up to 3m. Its shoots grow upwards, but then they turn towards ground slightly. Barberrys leafs are located on shoots. Their shape is similar to a drop and they are a little toothed. Leafs have a lot of colours, but usually they are green and a little red. They form tufts with beautiful yellow flowers inside.

Fruits of a common barberry are quite small. They are red and edible. They have a lot of vitamins, acids and other ingredients like: vitamin C, vitamin E, malic acid, citric acid.

At early winter leaves of a barberry fall, but fruits stay on a plant just like thorns. Fruits of a barberry have healing properties like strengthening immunity.

Common barberry has so many healthy ingredients that Egyptian doctors used it to cure from a bubonic plague.